About Us

With our state of the art Studio in the heart of Indore, we are providing a vast range of services for Voice Over Recordings, Sound/ Audio Studio Hiring, E-Learning Projects, Live Voice Over Shows in Indore and Outside, Voice Over/ Modulation Training & Workshops for Indiviudals & Corporates, Dubbing, Video Editing & much more.

A good voice or sound is something that gives an extra edge to the emotions conveyed in visuals and we, at Anudhwani, make sure that your visuals find that extra edge that takes the right emotions to another level. Anudhwani is conceptual wisdom aimed at all kind of professional projects that you demand. Be it telephony, radio, e-learning solutions, animations, television, documentaries, movies, computers, aviations, corporate presentations, computer-based-training, online training and advertisements, we prove our excellence in every genre.

We use our expertise to capture the vision of our clients, and translate it into engaging, effective and memorable campaigns. We are providing professional voice over services. Our team includes translators, voice actors and voice over experts of every type and genre.


Chief Executive

Antara Karvade is the Chief Executive of Anudhwani. Antara is a professional voice over artist and possess more than 15 years experience in the field of voice over. She is proficient in Hindi, Marathi and English voiceovers. She has landed her voice in several Hindi channels, News, Promos, Radio Plays, Radio Spots, Ads, E-learning Modules, Audiobooks etc. She has also collaborated with Radio and TV channels in India and abroad. She is flexible with working hours and always prioritize the client's needs. So collaborate with Antara to get the right emotions for your projects.